The Genworth Difference

The Operations team at Genworth Canada is here to provide an exceptional customer experience at every point of contact. Our highly skilled employees with extensive credit knowledge understand the Canadian mortgage industry and regional differences coast to coast. Our deep expertise in mortgage origination, underwriting and loss mitigation allows us to collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and find common sense solutions on every file. We take great pride in the strong relationships we've built with our customers across every region in Canada and continually look for ways to help homebuyers achieve the dream of homeownership.

Meet Our Operations Team
Operations Leadership Team
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Senior Vice President, Operations

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Director of Underwriting

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Our Commitment to You

Our team of Underwriters is committed to providing superior customer service in every interaction we have with you. Whether it's a phone call to answer your questions, or a review of your file, our Underwriters take the necessary time to understand the files submitted and to ensure they are processed efficiently and decisions are communicated in a timely manner. Genworth Canada promotes underwriting flexibility to help our customers grow their business. In addition we offer:

  • Underwriting availability with a commitment to respond to our customers quickly
  • Escalation process (including requests for exceptions)
  • No automated declines - We are committed to reviewing every file
  • Regional Underwriting expertise
Underwriting Guidelines

Search our Underwriting Guidelines below:

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Both the interest rate and payment vary concurrently during the term subject to two options:

  • Option A) The mortgage payment is adjusted to cover both principal and interest to maintain the amortization schedule when the interest rate increases; or
  • Option B) The mortgage payment is adjusted to ensure the interest is paid when the interest rate increases until the term renewal at which point the payment is adjusted to maintain the amortization schedule.

Alimony Child Support

When accepting child support or alimony, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Court ordered or an executed separation agreement (lender must obtain)
  • No more than 50 per cent should be used for qualification purposes
  • 100 per cent may be used provided income represents < 30 per cent of gross income and borrower has demonstrated receipt - through T1General - for a minimum of 1 year.

Acreage Properties

  • The lending value of the real estate is based on the residential dwelling and no more than 15 acres of land and exclude any outbuildings. The lending value is determined by using the lesser of either the purchase price or the appraised value.


An applicant with a prior bankruptcy will be considered for mortgage insurance, up to a maximum LTV ratio of 95 per cent, provided that the bankruptcy has been discharged for at least two years and they have at least two years of re-established good credit. Applicants having had a foreclosure or power of sale are not eligible for mortgage insurance.

Car Allowance

Car allowance may be used to offset car loan/lease payments provided:

  • Car allowance is a taxable benefit
  • Applicant has been receiving car allowance for at least one year and it is likely to continue

Child Tax Credit/Family Allowance

Child Tax Benefit/Family allowance income may be used for qualification purposes provided applicants meeting the following criteria:

  • 100 per cent may be used for the applicant's children who are 18 years old and under

The lender will be required to have verification of the child's age and income stream in the file. Age and income stream can be verified with the following documentation:

  • Personal income tax returns
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Allowance cheque slip
  • Bank statement showing automatic deposit

Child Care Benefit (UCCB)

Genworth Canada will accept the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) as a form of income for qualification purposes. This benefit provides $100 per month per child for all children less than six years of age. No confirmation of the child's/children's age is required, but lenders must verify the UCCB income through one of the following:

  • UCCB Statement
  • Bank Statement showing automatic deposit of UCCB
  • GRC62 Form (this is a statement provided by Revenue Canada)


  • Genworth Canada allows conversion from a fixed rate mortgage to a variable rate mortgage at time of renewal, without an additional application fee or premium surcharge, provided that:
  • the loan is in good standing and presently insured by Genworth
  • the application is not a new application from a different lender
  • the lender has confirmed that the LTV of the original lending value does not exceed the maximum LTV ratio of their variable rate product arrangements
  • the lender has retained all underwriting documentation in their files

Down Payment

Traditional Down Payment

  • Personal savings
  • RRSP's
  • Non-repayable gift from immediate family member(s)*
  • Sweat equity
  • Equity from the sale of another property
  • Existing home equity

*An immediate family member is defined as a father, mother, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or legal guardian.

Non-Traditional Down Payment

Borrowed sources at arm's length to the purchase, such as:

  • Personal loans
  • Lines of Credit / Credit Cards
  • Gifts from non-immediate family member(s)

Debt Service Coverage and Calculation

  • The following GDSR and TDSR limits will apply to all loan-to-values across all products.
    39% 44%
  • Calculation:
    • Gross Debt Service Ratio (GDSR)
      Principal + Interest + Taxes + Heat** + 50% Condo Fees (if applicable)
      Gross Annual Income
    • Total Debt Service Ratios (TDSR)
      Principal + Interest + Taxes + Heat** + 50% Condo Fees (if applicable) + Other Debt Obligations
      Gross Annual Income

      **Genworth will accept the heat cost provided by the lender. If this cost is not provided, Genworth will apply $75.00/month (non-condominium properties only)

  • Changes to Other Debt Obligation Inputs:
    • For unsecured lines of credit and credit cards, a payment based on the greater of 3% of the outstanding balance or minimum payment will be required for TDSR calculation purposes
    • For secured lines of credit, a minimum monthly payment based on the balance being amortized over 25 years at the contract rate or 5 year benchmark rate will be required for TDSR calculation purposes.

Equity Buy-Out

In situations where two parties are currently on title to a property and the interest of one borrower is being bought out by the other, the following guidelines apply:

  • Purchase transaction up to 95% LTV
  • Both parties must be currently on title to the property

The Lender must have documentation on file validating the remaining borrower is purchasing the departing co-borrower's interest in the property AND the sale price of the transaction. Acceptable documentation confirming this information can include any of the following items:

  • An agreement of purchase and sale
  • A finalized separation agreement
  • A court order

A full interior appraisal is required and will be completed by Genworth Canada.

Foster Care Income

Income will be considered subject to the following requirements:

  • The caregivers must have at least 2 years' experience as foster parents
  • Income letter or contract from the ministry and pay stub are the only acceptable forms of proof of income
  • Letter from Social Services confirming tenure and current status
  • Maximum number of children should not exceed six (including any of their own children)
  • The applicants must live on site
  • If foster care income accounts for more than 50 per cent of applicants' total income, we will require a minimum of 10 per cent down payment
  • Maximum LTV is 95 per cent

Gifted Down Payments

Gifted down payments from immediate family members can be used provided they are properly verified are non-repayable and all other characteristics of the borrower are acceptable. Gifted down payments are not required to be on deposit until time of closing. Under the Borrowed Down Payment product, gifts are permitted from sources other than immediate family.

Guarantor Income

If the guarantor occupies the property, the income will be considered for qualification purposes provided the guarantor is a direct family member (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, child or legal guardian). If the guarantor does not reside in the property, Genworth Canada will consider income for the GDS/TDS calculation provided the guarantor is a direct family member and resides in the region where the property is located.

Immigrants to Canada

Qualified homebuyers who have immigrated to Canada, or have been transferred to Canada by an employer can qualify for a mortgage with as little as a 5 per cent down payment using Genworth's New To Canada program. Applicants must have immigrated and/or relocated to Canada in the past 60 months, be employed for a minimum of 3 months in Canada, have a valid work visa or obtained landed immigrant status as minimum qualifications for the program. Please refer to our New to Canada program overview for complete guidelines.

Income and Employment (Fixed and Variable)

For borrower income used for mortgage qualification, the lender must make reasonable effort to obtain relevant third party income and employment verification. The verification should support the borrower's underlying income, history and employment status. Examples of verification may include the following:

Fixed Income (Salary, Long Term Benefits)

  • History of salary deposits
  • Letter of employment
  • T4
  • Recent pay stub
  • Notice of Assessment
  • T1 General accompanied by the corresponding Notice of Assessment
  • RRIF Income

Variable Income (Bonus, Commission, Overtime, Seasonal Employment, etc.)

  • Must have been received for a minimum of 2 years
  • The lesser of the last year's income or 2 year average income will be used for qualification purposes
  • The most recent year's income may be used provided there is a year over year increase for at least 4 years, subject to lender disclosure and reasonability of increases

Investment Income

100 per cent can be used if the last two years T5's confirm receipt. If some or all of the funds are liquidated for down payment, the income must be reduced accordingly.

Mortgage Switches

Genworth Canada approved lenders can process a mortgage switch (where the mortgage is Genworth Canada insured) without obtaining approval from Genworth Canada, provided the outstanding mortgage balance and amortization schedule do not change. This includes switching in mortgages that were originally registered as a collateral charge

Multiple Genworth-insured Mortgages

Borrowers can obtain a maximum of four (4) insured mortgages, for four (4) different properties, up to a maximum total insured amount of $1.5 million.*

* Maximum one (1) Alt A policy is permitted per borrower. Rental income used for qualifying must be in accordance to our existing policy. (Refer to "Rental Income" in this section)

Parental Leave

Full return to work salary is acceptable for qualification purposes. A letter from the employer is required indicating the position the person is returning to, the return date, and the salary/income upon return.


100 per cent of permanent part-time income will be considered based on guaranteed number of hours.

Up to 100 per cent of income from a second job will be considered if borrower can demonstrate a minimum two-year history supported by income tax assessments or T4's.

Qualifying rates

  • The qualifying interest rate used to calculate the gross debt service ratio (GDSR) and total debt service ratio (TDSR) will be the greater of the contract rate or the 5-year benchmark rate.
  • For multi-component mortgages, each component must be qualified using the applicable criteria above.

Rental Income

Owner-occupied properties (2 units) and properties submitted under the Investment property program:

  • All LTV's
    • Genworth will accept 100% of the rental income across Canada subject to:
      • Each applicant having minimum credit score of 680
      • Income can be validated using a two year average based on lease agreements or
      • Where rental income cannot be validated with lease agreements for a two year period, income for new or existing units is to be confirmed via fair market rent from an appraisal. Lenders should apply a market vacancy rate in accordance with their internal policy.
    • If the above credit and income requirements cannot be met, 50% of rental income is to be used for qualification.
    • Taxes and heat are to remain excluded from the debt service ratio calculation
    • Total Debt Service Ratio (TDSR) Calculation:
      Principal + Interest + 50% Condo Fees (if applicable) + Other Debts
      Gross Annual Income + % of Gross Rents

Owner-Occupied 3-4 Unit Properties & Non-Owner Occupied Rental Properties:

  • Lenders may use their existing policy to calculate net rental income. At a minimum, operating expenses must include mortgage interest, maintenance and vacancy
  • Net rental income surplus may be added to the gross annual income
  • Net rental income shortfall should be deducted from the applicant's gross annual income.

Seasonal Workers

100 per cent of Employment Insurance income for seasonal workers will be considered provided the lender has verified that the applicant has been employed for at least two-years, the income is regular, recurring and continuous and 70 per cent of the income comes from the salary paid by the company and no more than 30 per cent comes from the employment insurance. Income is calculated based on the lesser of the two-year average income or the last year's income. The income must be validated with income tax returns or notice of assessments.


Any individual who has ownership interest in a company and is paid based on company performance, or whose ownership interest is 25 per cent or greater is considered to be self-employed. Commissioned borrowers* and other owner/operator situations, such as taxi drivers and truck drivers are also considered self-employed.

  • Self-Employed Provable Income
    Income must be verified by two-year's financial statements or tax assessments. Genworth Canada permits lenders to gross-up the total income (line 150 Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment) by up to 15 per cent. Income gross-up is subject to lender guidelines. The lower of the average net income for the previous two years or the most recent year are to be used for qualification purposes.
  • Self-Employed Stated Income
    Self-employed borrowers that cannot provide traditional income verification can provide a stated income that is reasonable based on the length of operation, type and size of the applicant's business.  The reasonableness of the income should also reflect the applicant's personal financial profile and be sufficient to qualify the mortgage within Genworth's GDS/TDS guidelines. Stated income borrowers are also required to have a minimum documented self-employed tenure of two continuous years and meet minimum credit requirements. Please refer to our Genworth Canada Business For Self (Alt A) Program Overview for complete guidelines.

*Borrowers with commissioned income are ineligible under the “Business For Self (Alt-A) Program” and must meet the self-employed provable income requirements listed above.

Treatment of Pension and disability non-taxable Income/Gross Income

For borrowers whose income is not taxed at the source, income may now be grossed-up on a two-tiered approach:

  • Applicants with non-taxable income less than $30,000, are eligible to have their income grossed -up by 25 per cent
  • Applicants with non-taxable income greater than $30,000, are eligible to have their income grossed-up by 35 per cent

In situations where there is disability income, the income may be temporary or permanent.

Treatment of US Income

U.S. income will be considered at the current conversion rate. This applies to borrowers living in Canada and paid in U.S. funds.

Trust Income

Trust agreement must be irrevocable and the statement must confirm the amount and frequency of payments.

Variable Rate Mortgages (VRM)

Variable interest rates are generally tied to the bank's prime lending rate and typically will fluctuate with prime. Genworth Canada allows the following variable rate products with no additional premium surcharge:

  • Standard Variable Rate Mortgage (standard VRM)
  • Capped Variable Rate Mortgage (capped VRM)
    • Fluctuating interest rate with a constant payment during the term
    • Standard VRM's may not be available on all Genworth Canada Programs. Please refer to specific Genworth Canada Product Overviews for eligibility
    • For applicable standard VRM trigger points see below

A constant payment during the term that is set at the capped rate, with an interest rate that fluctuates, but only up to the capped rate.

Trigger points

For a non-capped VRM, the designated amount (trigger point) is 105 per cent of the original gross principal amount. If the loan amount exceeds the designated amount as described above, we offer the mortgagor the following options:

  • Increase the amount of each regular payment under the mortgage in order to amortize the mortgage over the remaining amortization period
  • Reduce the total amount of the loan amount then owing by making a lump sum payment to reduce the total amount to a point below the designated amount
  • Convert the mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage with equal monthly payments
  • For a capped VRM, the principal and interest payments are either calculated at the capped rate or at the contract rate (with the principal and interest payments being recalculated whenever the interest rate changes). This ensures the loan will amortize over the agreed term.
  • If the event of default, the mortgage must be converted to a fixed rate mortgage. Once remedied, the VRM status can be re-instated.

Trigger points

For a non-capped VRM, the designated amount (trigger point) is 105 per cent of the original gross principal amount. If the loan amount exceeds the designated amount as described above, we offer the mortgagor the following options:

  • Increase the amount of each regular payment under the mortgage in order to amortize the mortgage over the remaining amortization period
  • Reduce the total amount of the loan amount then owing by making a lump sum payment to reduce the total amount to a point below the designated amount
  • Convert the mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage with equal monthly payments
  • For a capped VRM, the principal and interest payments are either calculated at the capped rate or at the contract rate (with the principal and interest payments being recalculated whenever the interest rate changes). This ensures the loan will amortize over the agreed term.
  • If the event of default, the mortgage must be converted to a fixed rate mortgage. Once remedied, the VRM status can be re-instated.
Glossary of terms

Click on the letters below to browse the Glossary



A term used to describe the period of time over which the entire mortgage is to be paid assuming regular payments.


An independent assessment of the property by a qualified individual.

Assuming a mortgage

Taking over the previous owner's (or builder's) mortgage when you buy a property.


Buy down rate

This is the portion of the interest rate on a buyer's mortgage that you assume when they buy your home. If you're selling your home and the prospective buyer doesn't like the interest rate on their mortgage, you can offer to add a certain percentage of it onto your existing mortgage.


Capped rate

An interest rate with a pre-determined ceiling - usually associated with a variable-rate mortgage.

Closed mortgage

A mortgage that cannot be prepaid, renegotiated or refinanced prior to maturity, unless stated in the agreed terms.

Closing costs

Costs that are in addition to the purchase price of a property and which must be paid on the closing date. Examples include legal fees, land transfer taxes, and disbursements.

Conventional mortgage

A mortgage where the borrower is contributing more than 20% or more of the value of the property as the down payment.

Convertible mortgage

A mortgage that you can change from short-term to long-term, depending on your financial needs.


Debt service ratio

The percentage of the borrower's income used for monthly payments of principal, interest, taxes, heating costs and condo fees (if applicable).


A homeowner is 'in default' when he or she breaks the terms of a mortgage agreement, usually by not making required mortgage payments or by not making payments on time.

Down payment

The money that you pay up-front for a house. Down payments typically range from 5%-20% of the total value of the home.



The difference between the market value of a property and the amount owed on the property. This difference is the amount a homeowner actually owns outright.


High ratio mortgage

A mortgage where the borrower is contributing less than 20% of the value of the property as the down payment.

Home inspection

A visual inspection of the major components of a home by a qualified individual, who will give the home buyer a true and unbiased picture of the home's condition.

Home insurance

Insurance to cover both your home and its contents (also referred to as property insurance). This is different from mortgage life insurance, which pays the outstanding balance of your mortgage in full if you die.

HST Rules - Ontario


Interest adjustment

The amount of interest due between the date your mortgage starts and the date the first mortgage payment is calculated from. Sometimes there is a gap between the closing date of your home purchase and the first payment date of your mortgage.


Land transfer tax

A tax that is levied (in some provinces) on any property that changes hands.

Legal fees and disbursements

Some of the legal costs associated with the sale or purchase of a property. It is in your best interest to engage the services of a real estate lawyer (or a notary in Quebec).

Lump sum payment

An extra payment that you make to reduce the amount of your mortgage. This is the same as pre-paying, which you cannot do if you have a closed mortgage.



A loan that you take out in order to buy property. The collateral is the property itself.


Mortgagee is the lender; mortgagor is the borrower.

Mortgage broker

A company or individual who helps the homeowner find the right financing to buy a property. A broker does not actually lend money but seeks out a lender and arranges the mortgage terms. This may include negotiating with the lender for the best possible deal for the homebuyer.

Mortgage default insurance

Required if you are contributing between 5% and 20% of the value of the property as the down payment.

Mortgage life insurance

This form of insurance pays the outstanding balance of your mortgage in full if you die. This is different from home or property insurance, which insures your home and its contents.

Mortgage rate

The percentage interest that you pay on top of the loan principal. For example, you may take out a mortgage of $100,000 at a rate of 12%. Your monthly payments will consist of a portion of the original $100,000, plus 12% interest.

Mortgage term

The length of time the interest rate is guaranteed for a mortgage. Mortgage terms normally rate from six months to five years or more, after which you can repay the balance of the principal owning or re-negotiate the mortgage at current rates.

Moving expenses

The cost hiring of packers, movers or renting a van.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

A computerized listing of the properties available in your area, including information and pictures of each property.


Offer to purchase/conditional offer

A written contract outlining the terms under which the buyer agrees to purchase the property. There may be conditions attached to the offer, for example: offer being subject to arranging the mortgage or selling a home.

Open mortgage

A mortgage which you can pay off, renew or refinance at any time. The interest rate for an open mortgage is usually higher than a closed mortgage rate.



Transferring an existing mortgage from one home to a new home when you move. This is known as a "portable" mortgage.

Pre-approved mortgage certificate

A written agreement that you will get a mortgage for a set amount of money at a set interest rate. Getting a pre-approved mortgage lets you shop for a home without worrying how you'll pay for it.

Pre-paid property tax and utility adjustments

The amount you will owe if the person selling you the home has pre-paid any property taxes or utility bills. The amount to reimburse them will be calculated based on the closing date.


Repaying part of your mortgage ahead of schedule. Depending on your mortgage agreement, there may be a penalty for pre-paying.

Property survey

A legal description of your property and its location and dimensions. An up-to-date survey is usually required by your mortgage lender. If not available from the vendor, your lawyer can obtain the property survey for a fee.



Increasing the amount of your current mortgage, at a new interest rate. The term of the new mortgage must be equal to or greater than the term remaining on your current mortgage.


Once the original term of your mortgage expires, you have the option of renewing it with the original lender or paying off all of the outstanding balance.


Sales taxes

Taxes applied to the purchase cost of a property. Some properties are sales tax exempt (GST and/or PST), and some are not. For instance, residential resale properties are usually GST exempt, while new properties require GST. Always ask before signing an offer.

Service charges

The extra costs payable for hooking up hydro, gas, phone, etc. to a new address.


Variable rate mortgage

A mortgage with an interest rate that changes with the market. The rate changes each month, so the portion of your monthly payment that goes towards interest may go up or down each month. But your total monthly payment will probably stay the same.

Handy Reference Guide

All Products

  • Debt Service Ratios: GDS 39%/TDS 44%
  • Maximum property value must be less than $1,000,000
  • Amortization: up to 25 years
  • Recommended credit score 600 (except ALTA, Investment, Borrowed Down, Second Mortgage $amp; Vacation B Programs)

Investment Property

  • Purchase: 80% LTV
  • Maximum Loan Amount:
    • $750K (GTA, GVA, Calgary)
    • $600K (Rest of Canada)
  • # of Units: 2-4
  • Minimum 2 trade lines with at least two (2) years history
  • No prior bankruptcy
  • Down payment must be from own resources

Homebuyer 95

  • 1-2 Units: 95% LTV
  • 3-4 Units: 90% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 4
  • Standard underwriting guidelines apply
  • Gifted down payments must come from an immediate family member

Alt. A (BFS)

  • Purchase: 90% LTV
  • Maximum Loan Amount:
    • $750K (GTA, GVA, Calgary)
    • $600K (Rest of Canada)
  • # of Units: Max. 2
  • Min. 2 years BFS tenure
  • The self-employed borrowers stated income should be reasonable based on the length of operation, type and size of the business.
  • Minimum 5% down payment from the borrowers own savings. The remainder may be gifted from an immediate family member.
  • Minimum 2 trade lines with at least two (2) years history
  • No mortgage, installment or revolving credit delinquencies appearing on the credit bureau in the past 12 months
  • No reported defaults on residential mortgages for the past 7 years
  • No previous bankruptcy

Family Plan

  • Purchase: 95% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 2
  • All applicants must be related (immediate family members)
  • All applicants must be on title
  • Suggested program applications:
    • A parent who wishes to help an adult entrepreneurial child buy a home
    • A parent helping to buy a home for an adult child at a post-secondary educational facility
    • An adult helping to buy a home for elderly parents who are on a fixed income

Progress Advance

  • 1-2 Units: 95% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 2
  • Up to 4 advances
  • Builder and Contractor P/A: builder/contractor must be a member of a Genworth Canada approved New Home Warranty Program
  • Builder P/A: construction completed by home builder
  • Contractor P/A: more than 50% of the cost to complete is done by one contractor
  • Self-Built P/A: multiple contractors, no one contractor can complete more than 50% of the project

Borrowed Down Payment

  • Purchase: 95% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 2
  • No prior bankruptcy
  • Eligible equity sources:
    • Borrowed funds
    • Gifts (arms-length)
  • Non-occupying co-borrowers are permitted (must be on title)

New To Canada

  • Purchase: 95% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 2
  • Applicants must have immigrated to Canada in the past 60 months
  • Must provide valid work permit or landed status
  • Depending on LTV, lender must provide the following:
    • 90.01 - 95% LTV: international credit report or 2 alternative sources of credit
    • Up to 90% LTV: bank reference letter or 6 months bank statements


  • Purchase: 95% LTV
  • Blended amortizations calculation are acceptable
  • Premium will be the lesser of:
    • Full premium on total loan amount less premium credit (if applicable)
    • Top-up premium on new funds

Purchase Plus Improvements

  • 1 - 2 Units: 95% LTV
  • 3 - 4 Units: 90% LTV
  • # of Units: Max. 4
  • Single or multiple advance options (excluding initial purchase advance) are permitted and may be managed by lenders. Improvements must be greater than $40,000.00 or 20% of the purchase price to be eligible for draws managed by Genworth Canada.
  • Lender to provide cost estimates / contracts when improvements exceed 20% of the initial purchase price or $40K

Secondary Homes (Type A)

  • Purchase: 95% LTV
  • Maximum Loan Amount:
    • $750K (GTA, GVA, Calgary)
    • $600K (Rest of Canada)
  • # of Units: Max. 1
  • No prior bankruptcies/judgments
  • No R3's in the past 24 months
  • No 3rd party/guarantors
  • Refer to Product Overview for property requirements

Vacation Homes (Type B)

  • Purchase: 90% LTV
  • Max. Mortgage Amount: $350K
  • # of Units: Max. 1
  • Down payment from own funds
  • No prior bankruptcies/judgments
  • No R3's in the past 24 months
  • No 3rd party/guarantors
  • Refer to Product Overview for property requirements

Energy Efficient Housing Program

  • A partial refund of up to 25 per cent of the Genworth Canada insurance premium based on the date of application for mortgage insurance
  • Standard premiums apply
  • Refunds are processed and mailed directly to consumers within 30 business days
  • Refer to Energy Efficient Housing Program product overview on how to obtain and submit a refund form

Genworth Canada's Fast Facts - Handy Reference Guide is a summary prepared for convenience purposes only. For full details of our policy as it relates to the products contained in this document, please refer to the product overviews at In the case of any inconsistencies, the terms of the full product documentation shall prevail.


At Genworth Canada, we take your business seriously and want to make it as smooth and convenient as possible for you to work with us. We will always be delighted to speak with you one-on-one to answer any questions you may have. However, here are some answers to commonly asked questions that may provide you with the information you need.

Where do I fax/email supporting documents requested by Genworth Canada?

A: All provinces (excluding Quebec):

For Quebec:

How do I send premiums to Genworth Canada?

All premiums should be mailed to: Genworth Canada P.O. Box 2628 Station A Toronto, ON M5W 2N7. For more information regarding premium payment via Electronic Funds Transfer please speak to your Genworth account manager or contact our national underwriting centre.

How do I calculate top-up premiums on ports?

The premium is the lesser of the "full premium" (full mortgage amount x % based on loan to value) or "top-up premium" (Top-up/Increase amount x % based on loan to value).

For example:

With a 90% LTV mortgage amount of $200k, the outstanding mortgage balance on existing mortgage is $150k and the top-up/increase amount is $50k

Full premium = $200,000 x 3.10% = $6,200.00

Top-up premium = $50,000 x 6.25% = $ 3,125.00

In this case, the top-up premium is less. Therefore, the premium charged would be $3,125.00

For faster decisions on "Port" and "Top-Up" applications, please be sure to include the outstanding balance of the mortgage you are porting/refinancing, remaining amortization and if available, include the existing Genworth reference number.

I need to submit a new construction purchase. My client and I do not have the postal code. What postal code should I put in my submission?

You can look for the postal code at (Postal Code search) or you can ask the home builder. If you still cannot find the postal code, please call Genworth Canada at 1.800.511.8888.

Is it necessary to notify Genworth Canada of an assumption or release of covenant?

No, it is not necessary to notify Genworth Canada of an assumption or release of covenant. It will be the lender's responsibility to ensure the new covenant qualifies as per their internal underwriting guidelines. Lenders will continue to have the option of submitting the new covenant to Genworth Canada for adjudication if this is part of their existing internal process.

Please explain Genworth Canada's auto-adjudication process.

Genworth Canada has auto-adjudication technology that enables many applications to be approved within minutes. However, the system does not automatically-decline applications.

Our team of experienced Underwriters and dedicated account managers work together to service your customer's loan throughout the entire adjudication process. An application is not declined until it has been reviewed by a Senior Underwriter and every effort has been made to restructure the deal.

At Genworth Canada, we understand the mortgage industry across all regions in Canada and we are committed to working with you to help your business grow.

Does Genworth Canada have adjudication technology for lenders to submit their applications?

Yes. We understand the importance of fast and reliable processing of mortgage insurance applications for your clients and have invested in technology to make sure this is what we deliver. Genworth Canada's ExcelTM is a fully automated delivery and decisioning system that enables applications to be adjudicated within minutes, without paperwork.


Genworth Canada Appraisal Requirements:

  • All Genworth Canada ordered appraisals are completed by Genworth-approved appraisers.
  • Genworth Canada will also review appraisals completed by non-Genworth Canada approved appraisers provided the report meets all Genworth Canada requirements.
  • One of the authorized users on the report must be Genworth Canada; the report may also be made out to other users in addition to Genworth Canada.
  • The "purpose" of the report must be for "mortgage financing" or "mortgage lending" purposes.
  • It is recommended the appraisal report be presented in PDF format.

This website may contain contact information regarding third parties. This information is provided for information purposes only and the provision of this information does not in any way mean that Genworth Canada endorses the services provided by the third party or make any representation or warranty regarding the services provided by any third party. If you choose to engage any third party mentioned on this website, you do so entirely at your own risk.

The following is a list of Genworth-approved appraisers who have elected to have their company information listed on our website. Please note this list does not include all Genworth-approved appraisers. Simply choose the Province or Territory to locate an appraiser.

Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Everest Appraisal Services Inc.Vasko
Premier Appraisal Services Inc.Gabe
Warnica Appraisals IncJanice
McCulloch & AssociatesRob
Ken Leffler Appraisal Services Inc.Ken LefflerBlind
Property Valuators Consulting Inc.(PVCI Inc.)Murray
Barker Real Estate AppraisalsRamsay
G.W. Martin Appraisals LtdGeorge
Hendren AppraisalsMary Lou
Brant Residential AppraisalsCheryl
Ron Merkley Real Estate & Appraisals IncRon
Walker & Walker Appraisal LtdBob
Coulson Appraisal LtdSharon CoulsonBurlington /
Accurate (Peel) Appraisals Inc.Karin
R.W. Dyer Realty IncJack
Mississippi Appraisal ServicesJanice JordonCarlton
K. Murphy Real Estate Appraisal ServicesKathy
Hutchesson AppraisalsThomas
Enns Maceachern Pace MaloneyFrank
Tarle & McAllister Appraisals IncMichael
Austin & Austin Realty LtdDon
Latitude 50 RealtyColleen
Essential Appraisal Services Ltd.Marc DallaireDurham
John A. Shamess AppraisalsJohn A ShamesElliot
C.M. Bradshaw & AssociatesChad
Bellai & Associate Appraisal ServicesElio
Cornerstone Appraisal ServicesJoyce
K. Downe ResidentialKathy
L.A. Mirotta & CompanyLeo
Denomme AppraisalsGaston
Haliburton Appraisals ServicesVicki
Berk Appraisal ServicesMichelle
Shinkel Real Estate & Appraisals IncRobert
Hanover Realty AppraisalsDavid
Brisson & AssociatesJean-Luc
Rozon, Szpivak & AssociatesMichel
Alexander McMillan Real Estate Appraisal ServicesJanice
D.A. Mcgugan & Associates IncD.A.
Holmes AppraisalsBob
S. Rayner & Associates Ltd.Stephen
Precise Real Estate Appraising IncJonathan
Sprint Residential AppraisalsShirley
R A Critchlow Realty IncRandy
McIver Group IncJim McIverLondon519-673-0000 EXT 10JIM@MCIVERGROUP.COM
RJ Lyons Real Estate Appraisal Services IncBob
Top Class AppraisalsCalvin
Dennis J MurphyDennis MurphyMidhurst705-737-5100dennismurphyappraiser
Constant Appraisals IncIda
Reliable Appraisal ServicesTerence
Westview Appraisal ServicesFrank
York Simcoe Appraisal Corp LtdAl
Appraisals Niagra Real Estate AppraisersDoug EllwoodNiagara
Steele & AssociatesRobert SteeleNorth
Bob Jugovic Real Estate LtdStan JugovicNorth
Accredited Appraisals IncLora WylieOakville/
Jill Murphy and Associates IncJill
Blake Matlock and Marshal LtdPeter
Lack Realty AppraisersPhil
Affiliated AppraisersJoel
Independent Appraisal Corp.Steven
Georgian Property AppraisalsDan SantinOwen
Peter Boot Real Estate & Appraisal ServicesPeter
B C Appraisals IncBrenda
M.K. Espie Appraisals & Consulting LtdMaryanne EspiePort
Chantal Lavigne Appraisal ServicesChantal
T. McCormick & Associates IncMichelle HillRichmond
Locc Appraisals IncLeyea
K.F. McComb Appraisal ServicesKim McCombSault Ste
Tracey Brisson AppraisalsTracey BrissonSt
AB Appraisal ServicesArlene Blake-BrownStoney
Appraisals North Realty IncRon
Charles Bell Real Estate Appraisals LtdThomas
Johannsen Appraisal ServiceAlfred
Peter Griesbach, CRAPeter
Appraisal Group (Thunder Bay) IncMichael David VecchioThunder
Royal LePage/ Lannon Realty AppraisalSusan McruryThunder
Northern Ontario AppraisalsLucien
Simon & Associates LtdKaren
The Real Estate Consulting Group of Canada Ltd.Demitry
Canadian Home Appraisals IncS.K
Hastings Appraisal ServicesJohn Van
F.K. Mitchell Appraisals IncSara
F.R. Jordan And AssociatesTom
PAC Appraisal Inc.,Pasquale A. CristinaMississauga905-281-3220 Ext.
Bona Fide Appraisals Ltd.Paul
Carty Gwilym Real Estate Appraisal ServicesLeonard CartyOttawa613-724-6020 X
Maker Real Estate Appraisals IncJason
Appraisal Advantage Canada IncorporatedJoe
Midtown Appraisal Group IncKevin
Otto & CompanyNiki OttoLondon519-432-2232 x
Talbot Appraisal ServicesMeagan Brignell, AdminSt
Real Estate Appraising & ConsultingJackie JacquesWaterloo
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
South Caribo Appraisals LtdRoman Navratil100 Mile
Fraserway Appraisal LtdBrian
Urban Valley AppraisalsJon
Niemi LaPorte & Dowle Appraisals LtdMichael
Accredited Appraisals LtdDanielle SwansonCampbell
Fraser Valley Appraisals LtdRon
Precision Appraisal GroupMike
Leemore & AssociatesTina
Creston Valley AppraisalsRandal
John VanWoerkomJohn
Kirk Appraisals LtdPaul
Fernie Appraisals LtdKim
Adlaw Appraisals LtdAdam LawrensonFort St.
Lanquest Appraisals LtdTerryl RondeauFort St.
McDonald Appraisals IncLaurie McDonaldFort St.
PVG Real Estate Valuations & ConsultingPatrick PomeroyFort St.
A-1 Appraisals LtdFred
Area Wide Appraisals LtdRick
Isle West Appraisals LtdKeith
Cunningham & Rivard AppraisalsSusan WaughNanaimo
EM Johnson AppraisalsEric JohnsonNew
Elliott AppraisalsMark Elliott New
Macintosh Appraisals LtdStew MacintoshNew
Westech Appraisal Services LtdBrenda MaloneyNorth
Nicam Appraisals Inc.Earl
PCAG Property Advisors IncGarry DoucettePort
Intercity Appraisals Ltd Richard Sieb Port Coquitlam 604-944-3282
RMC Appraisals Ron McLeod Pouce Coupe 205-719-1858
CH Godfrey Appraisals LtdBob GodfreyPrince
North Cariboo Appraisals LtdGene
Campbell & Pound LtdDaniel
Meisterman AppraisalsKris
Mills Appraisal Group LtdBarb
Corrie Appraisals LtdPaul CorrieSalmon
Walton AppraisalsDavid MatthewsSquamish
Lawrenson Walker Realty Advisors Leigh Walker Surrey 604-535-1494
Schenoni & Associates Rod SchenoniSurrey 604-377-7334
Bakerview Realty Appraisals IncSteve D MillerSurrey
Goriak & Associates Appraisals LtdHerb
Rivard & AssociatesPaul
Schoenne & AssociatesHugh
Coast AppraisalsAndrea
D. Fritz Appraisals IncDarlene
Kors & AssociatesMartin
Pacific Rim Appraisals LtdVic SweetVictoria
TDC Realty AppraisersTerry CouttsWhite
Kohlen & CompanyRichard KohlenWillims
Highland Appraisals Inc.Jag
Surrey Home AppraisalsJon
Rivard AppraisalsJoe
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Craig E. Hellings Appraisals LtdCraig E. HellingsMoose
SUTY Consulting Inc.Sohaib AnsariMoose
Fortier Mattila Appraisals IncDavid FortierNorth
Western AppraisalsGreg Buchan
B.R. Gafney & AssociatesDustin
Cross Appraisals IncDustin
Crown AppraisalsGary Cossette
Carol Cossette
Fox AppraisalsTerry
Michael Fox Valuations IncMichael
Pinnacle AppraisalsRosanne
Sutton Group Results RealtyGlen
Associated Appraisal CompanyDavid
Blue Zephyr LtdPamela
Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates, Real Estate Appraisals and Advisory ServicesDon
Riverside Appraisal LtdAdam
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Concept AppraisalsLinda Troope
Warren Lambat
Prosser AppraisalsRoy
Drafting & Appraisal ServicesWayne BurtonCorner
Elite Appraisals & ConsultingChristopher ChinCorner
Dew Enterprise LtdLeonard C. WinsorGrand
Appraisal Associates LtdWade CumbySt. John'
Appraisal Services LtdAnthony WoolridgeSt. John'
Household Realty LtdThomas CrokeSt. John'
J & T Appraisals Ltd.Terry FolletSt. John's709-753-1579
Kirkland, Balsom & AssociatesBill BalsomSt. John'
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
A.E.S. Consultants LtdFred
Evaluations Anglehart AppraisalsJoyce
Altus GroupEdwin B O'
DG EvaluationDenis
Evaluation Action AppraisalsEve LevesqueGrand
Fredericton Appraisal AssociatesKarl
Evaluations Perron's AppraisalsJean-Paul PerronKedgwick
Perron-Lynch & AssociatesJean-Paul
Babineau Appraisals LtdMichel
Mari-Tech Appraisal & Inspection LtdTroy
G.A. Barry Appraisals LtdGreg
Appraisals (Fundy) LtdD.J. RamierSaint
de Stecher Appraisals LtdKelly ParkerSaint
Leech AppraisalsAndy
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Kempton Appraisals (Bridgewater) LtdLindsey
Young & Associates Real Estate Appraisals & ConsultantsKenneth
AKME Appraisals IncKelly
Alderney Real Estate Appraisals LtdChris
Antovic Real Property AppraisalsJane
Boutlier & Associates LtdJoseph
Abacus Residential Appraisals IncDavid
Fennell & Associates Appraisals LtdR.I.
Jean Hicks AppraisalsJean
Wetmore Corkum Appraisals & ConsultingDavid
Joudrey AppraisalsRobert JoudreyLunenburg
G.Ratchford & Associates AppraisersGreg RatchfordNorth
W. Black & Son Real EstateWilliam BlackNorth
Malcolm TizzardMalcolm
Cobequid AppraisalDon
Davidson AppraisalsTroy
Sterling Property Appraisls & Consulting Ltd.Mary Ellen Hernden, Cra
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
A3 - Accredited Appraisal AssociatesSimon
Brad Oliver Realty IncBrad
Griffin Appraisal ServicesKevin
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Martin Roch EvaluationMartin
Les Evaluations Manicouagan IncMarcel
Le Groupe Desnoyers & AssociésYvan
Michel Paquin Evaluations Outsouais IncMichel
S.Blais et AssociesStephane
Roger Lessard Evaluateur AgreeRoger
Paris Ladouceur & Associés IncVincent LadouceurLaval450-6529-9205vladouceur@parisladouceur
Évaluations Immobilières Évimag IncAlain
M.C. EvalutationsMarc
Évaluation Perron's AppraisalsJean-Paul
PCGCARMONBryan L'ArchevequeMontré
ECGLAnnie LabbeQuebec
Devimo IncSylvain
Évaluation Serge Lavoie IncSerge LavioeSte-Adè
Groupe Axival Boivin CoutreAlain GirouardSt-Lé
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Landucation Valuation & Advisory ServicesKathi
Val AppraisalsPaul
Advantage Valuation Group IncDena
Atkinson & AssociatesGary
Avison YoungTerry
Benchmark Real Estate AppraisalsRandall J.
BNN AppraisalsBrenda
Calgary Independent AppraisersTed
Cornerstone Appraisals IncJim
EM Johnson AppraisalsRobert (Bob)
Eagleson, Ho AssociatesPhilip
New Market Appraisals LtdJennifer
Sage AppraisalsGreg
Weidman Reliance GroupHarold
Accumark Appraisals LtdRolanda
Market Driven AppraisalsShelly
Bedrock Appraisal AssociatesLorna
Alberta Property Appraisals LtdDarwin
Angus MacInnes AppraisalAngus
CDC Consulting Services IncCurtis
Ergil Bains & Asscoiates LtdKatherine
Frost & Associates Realty Services IncJim
Halvorsen Fedynak & Compnay IncKevin
Jackson Real Estate Appraisals LtdColin
Knight & Company AppraisalStephanie
Northern Lights Real Estate Consulting Ltd.Angel SteelEdmonton780-757-2060 x
Chalifour Denis & AssociatesRobert DenisFort
Kerrigan Appraisals LtdMarian BarryFort
Abbott-Brown AppraisalsChristina SiebenGrande
AccuPro Real Estate Appraisal & ConsultingCally RosserGrande
Biegel & Perra AppraisalsDirk SchotzGrande
PVG Real Estate Valuations & ConsultingPatrick PomeroyGrande
A.R.C. Appraisals LtdChris
Lethbridge Property Appraisals Inc.James H.
Reliance Appraisal Consultants LtdMurray
Darmac Appraisals LtdRoger
Stone AppraisalsTyler
A.R.C. Appraisals LtdWade WatsonMedicine
Kate Rung & AssociatesKate
Perry Appraisal AssociatesPatti
Soderquist Appraisals LtdJolyn ReynoldsRed
A.S. Appraisals & ConsultingArthur SchwentnerWainwright780-
Wainwright Assessment Group LtdAndre
Squair Appraisals & ConsultingTony
Wildrose AppraisalsTabitha
Hubbs R. E. AppraisalsDon
Swanco AppraisalsAnnette KrusnitzkySpruce
Stettler Appraisals LtdDiane
Lawrenson Walker Appraisers CalgaryChantelle
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Yamada Appraisals LtdJames YamadaWhite
Company Name Contact Name Location Phone Number Email
Booth Cowie AppraisalsCharlie Booth / Stu
Hink AppraisalsCameron
Red River AppraisalsGordon
Remax ThompsonBernard
Agassiz Appraisals Inc.Brandon
Appraisal NetworkVal
Burley Appraisal AssociatesRon
Kemp Appraisals Ltd.Laura
Tomiuk Grycko KruegerGordon
Acclaimed AppraisalTyler
Ajc AppraisalsAlana Jennings
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