We Believe In the Power Of A Promise

Every day we make promises to help people secure their financial lives, families and future, but these promises are just words unless we put our words into action. We put Integrity First. It's a simple and straightforward value that represents the way we conduct business. It's also our responsibility to be fair and honest as well as be accountable in every interaction.

If you have any integrity concerns, you can bring forward an issue or direct a question towards a Company Ombudsperson in Canada, through one of the methods listed below.

  1. Mail or courier: Attention - Ombuds Office, 2060 Winston Park Drive, Suite 300, Oakville, Ontario L6H 5R7
  2. E-mail: GNW.MORTCanadaOmbudsperson@genworth.com
  3. Telephone the ConfidenceLine provider at 1-800-661-9675 or
  4. Submit a report to the ConfidenceLine provider at www.genworth.confidenceline.net