Genworth Canada offers Professional Development workshops that can be customized to suit your needs and your schedule. All workshops are Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) accredited.

Listed below are topics currently available, including our most popular workshops for realtors.

For more information on how to attend or coordinate a group workshop, please contact your Genworth Canada Account Manager by selecting a province below.

Understanding AppraisalsPopular

This two-hour session is designed for lenders and brokers who are looking to gain an understanding of how and why real estate is appraised. It reviews the different types of appraisal reports, demonstrates the various types of appraisals and highlights key indicators to look at in a full appraisal report.

Understanding Credit ReportsPopular

This two-hour session is designed for lenders and brokers who want to understand how to interpret and select the right customers by reviewing credit reports and credit risk scores With permission from Equifax, this seminar thoroughly examines each section of a credit report and a job aid is provided.

The Genworth Canada Edge for REALTORS

This one hour session is designed for REALTORS and focuses on the advantage Genworth Canada can offer REALTORS and their clients which encompasses

  • Our growing suite of products
  • Training and Education
  • My Marketing Source designed for REALTORS

My Marketing Source

This one-hour session is designed for REALTORS who wish to increase their personal brand power. This session focuses on an easy-to-use, 24/7 web-based marketing system where REALTORS can view product overview sheets, articles as well as personalize with photo and contact information.

Increase Your Competitive Edge

This 90-minutes session provides marketing ideas for REALTORS and mortgage representatives new to the industry. It may also be considered a refresher on how to develop more business.

Homeowner Assistance program

This one-hour session examines the advantages of Genworth's proven effective homeowner assistance program, the seven steps to successful default management and some success stories of its use. Participants will learn about the benefits of early intervention, which helps identify the opportunities to successfully assist borrowers experiencing temporary difficulties.

Alt A (Alternative Business for Self)

This one-hour session summarizes Genworth's Alt A program. It has been designed for self-employed professionals or those working on commissioned sales that cannot provide traditional income verification. It also examines the types of clients who would benefit from alternative financing to qualify for a high ratio mortgage.

Vacation/Secondary Homes

This one-hour presentation shows how, whether it's a second home in the city to reduce that weekly commute or a cottage at the lake for weekend getaways, qualified borrowers can buy that property with a small down payment.

Family Plan

This one-hour presentation summarizes Genworth's family plan program that allows an immediate family member to assist in the purchase of a home for borrowers with good credit but inadequate income to meet standard GDSR/TDSR requirements. The session also covers qualification of applicants and the application process.

New to Canada

This one-hour session recognizes the significance of multiculturalism in Canada and we believe in lending a helping hand to new Canadians. This session summarizes the New to Canada program where qualified homebuyers who have emigrated to Canada or who have been transferred by an employer can qualify for Genworth Canada mortgage insurance with as little as a 5 per cent down payment.

Insured Progress Advances

This one-hour session recognizes the strength of the residential construction industry in Canada and is committed to offering Canadians a wide variety of options to achieve their home ownership goals. This session summarizes the insured progress advance program that provides residential home builders and/or individual borrowers with insured progress advances during construction. The program is available for homes purchased from a residential home builder or contractor or self-built properties for owner-occupancy.

Borrowed Down Payment

This one-hour presentation explains how the Borrowed Down Payment program works. Homebuyers who would like to purchase a property, who have established an excellent credit history but do not have the required down payment or who have chosen to use their savings for other asset enhancing purpose may use borrowed funds as the down payment for a high ratio mortgage. Qualifying criteria are also explained.

Homebuyer 95

This one-hour presentation summarizes Genworth's high ratio mortgage insurance on first mortgages for owner occupied home purchases, which is available to eligible homebuyers with down payments as little as 5 per cent.

Purchase Plus Improvements

This one-hour presentation summarizes Genworth's purchase plus improvements program. Participants learn how qualified homebuyers can make their new home just right with tailored improvements immediately after taking possession. All this can be done with one manageable mortgage and as little as 5 per cent down.

On-Site Customized Homebuyers' Seminar

A Genworth Canada Account Manager would be pleased to work with you to develop and deliver a session for potential homebuyers. He or she will explain the important role of mortgage insurance in the home buying process. Genworth Canada arranges these seminars to suit consumers' location and timing requirements.

Setting yourself up for Success

The goal of this 3 hour practical workshop, which provides 3 CEUs by l’OACIQ, is to gain awareness of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, and your competitors’ as well and learn strategies on how to overcome the toughest objections so you can articulate your value offer and convince your customers to choose YOU.

Market Outlook

This one hour presentation, which provides 1 CEU by l’OACIQ, is to help mortgage professionals better understand today’s market conditions and learn more about the current state of the housing market, as well as the drivers for economic and real estate growth.

Marketing to Millennials in a changing environment

This one hour presentation, which provides 1 CEU by l’OACIQ, helps real estate and mortgage brokers develop a better understanding of buying behaviors and the millennial home buyer’s profile, as well as use relevant statistics to better inform new home buyers so they can realize their dream of home ownership.

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