Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someonse uses your personal information (name, date of birth, social insurance number, address etc…) to impersonate you, without your knowledge / permission. Your identity is then often used to obtain credit (through a mortgage, loan, credit card etc… ). The credit obtained is then often maxed out with you being left to clean up the damage.

Title Theft

Title theft often involves a fraudster assuming the identity of the true owner's identity to unlawfully sell or refinance the property

Straw Borrowers

A straw borrower is a person who allows their name, Social Insurance Number, Date of birth and good credit standing to be used for the qualification of a mortgage for someone else.

Income Fraud

When income is overstated to qualify for a mortgage.


When false information about employment is received. Some examples include:

  • indicating self-employment when actually a salaried employee or vice versa
  • providing employment details for a business that does not exist
  • falsely stating where they are employed

Occupancy Fraud

This occurs when the mortgage application states owner occupancy of the property as a primary residence when in fact the intended use of the property is for an investment (rental).

Inflated Value

When the value of the property is overstated deliberately and this value is what that lender is relying on for the approval of the mortgage loan.

Grow Operations/Meth Labs

When Real Estate is used for the production of illegal substances. Any criminal/illegal use of Real Estate is considered a mortgage fraud.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Usually involves a homeowner who is in default or about to fall into default. The homeowner is approached or answers an ad that leads them to believe that they are receiving assistance to bring their mortgage up to date. They are often advised that they can remain in the property as a tenant. They are deceived into signing over the title of their property. The fraudster imposes terms that the homeowner is unable to meet and eventually loses his property and possibly any equity that there might be.

Boiler Rooms

A Boiler Room is an operation set up with the whole intent being to validate employment for companies that in essence do not exist.


When a property is refinanced or resold in a short period of time for an inflated value (no renovations have occurred).

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