Genworth Canada Appraisal Requirements:

  • All Genworth Canada ordered appraisals are completed by Genworth-approved appraisers.
  • Genworth Canada will also review appraisals completed by non-Genworth Canada approved appraisers provided the report meets all Genworth Canada requirements.
  • One of the authorized users on the report must be Genworth Canada; the report may also be made out to other users in addition to Genworth Canada.
  • The "purpose" of the report must be for "mortgage financing" or "mortgage lending" purposes.
  • It is recommended the appraisal report be presented in PDF format.

The following is a list of Genworth-approved appraisers who have elected to have their company information listed on our website. Please note this list does not include all Genworth-approved appraisers. Simply choose the Province or Territory to locate an appraiser.


This website may contain contact information regarding third parties. This information is provided for information purposes only and the provision of this information does not in any way mean that Genworth Canada endorses the services provided by the third party or make any representation or warranty regarding the services provided by any third party. If you choose to engage any third party mentioned on this website, you do so entirely at your own risk.

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